Thursday, 9 July 2009

We have not died

This blog will be coming back - now i'm teaching the new creative and media diploma - it will be as random as ever. Slowly we blog again.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

What has Rough Trade got to with the examination?

You may well ask the very question at the top of the page - and there is an answer - here are some helpful slideshows to get you started - then you need to work the case study into the surrounding structure.

Basically - write about this and then write about that [ROUGH TRADE] and then conclude - marks are then in the bag

Friday, 15 May 2009

for those that like to do stuff at home

here are a number of articles, essays, powerpoints and general notes to aide the learning process and make you somehow feel safe and secure that you can do examinations and all that stuff. In order to fully address what's been going on in class i will 'break it down' [an old hip-hop reference - you can see that i am street] for all those at the back

Year 13 Film Studies
FS5 World Cinema - as you know we studied the new wave - particularly the French New Wave and as it is celebrating 50 years of being 'hip, cool and generally subversive' their have been a number of features written looking at its impact. Which is good - because that's what your question will be like. So here goes - something to get your teeth into and make notes from,

The Sight and Sound feature

a really heavy article all about Godard and history - it has some excellent quotes about the ways in which his work developed and relates to the social conditions of the time.

and finally - because who reads more than three articles in an evening - here's one about Agnes Varda - because it wasn't only men who made new wave films.

FS6 Critical Studies

Here's some stuff on current censorship debates

This is the screeenonline site that links to the BFI - it really is the most up to date resource you can have.
this one is all about sex and violence
and here's Julian Petley's webpage at Brunel University [they really do teach people] it outlines his role in the whole violence and regulation debate - you can use the references to begin an exploration of his ideas.

Year 13 Media Studies

Here's an incredibly long powerpoint detailing the birth and development of the horror genre.

Here is another one that deals with the 'slasher film' don't be put off by the graphics on this one - it contains a great deal of theory matched to good examples.

I just thought i'd put this here as well - because it is scary - actually i think it may well have scarred me for life. My mother made me watch this - because my dad was on nightshift and she'd already watched the first part and wanted to see how it would conclude. Suffice to say my brother and I screamed a great deal that evening.

I will blog more later on - for year 12s and stuff - keep on coming back - i hear the film owl's in town.

Monday, 23 March 2009

I provide resources for this and that

I have discovered the delights of 'slideshare' and will put up various resources on this site for you to use. They are the ones I use in class and you should have already have made notes but just in case you haven't - here they are.

Also I am a little worried that some of you don't know where we are heading in terms of the examination - so here are the deadlines for me

FS4 - Short Film [Cinematic Aims/ A short film - no longer than five minutes] due in on APRIL 3rd

You will then write your evaluation over EASTER

We studied THE FRENCH NEW WAVE in preparation for the FS5 examination on World Cinema - there are two sections - Section A [This is the new wave one ] and Section B [a close text study]

We then looked at SHOCKING CINEMA in preparation for FS6 Critical Studies - we will cover CENSORSHIP AND REGULATION straight after EASTER and Nina has covered GENDERED CINEMA - as you can see that works out as three questions - the shocking cinema one is weighted to carry more marks - that's why you should have done your essays.

Anyway here are the powerpoints.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

i'm talking about film and that

Making a short film is a difficult task but i feel the year 13 are beginning to explore the true potential of the medium. I've included the link to the BBC Film Network Page - it deals with all aspects of professional short film making - but i also think that it covers the rationale behind it.
Basically your ideas are good - you all need to nail the story - concept is fine - but i want a story - we all want a story. Nonetheless check out the link - and certainly check out the films on offer here.

Meanwhile the Year 12 are embarking on the new WJEC Film Studies A-level and we are currently looking at Yasmin and This is England [for all those old students who did film - see how i managed to continue showing these two films] I'm toying with the idea of doing something creative tomorrow - i'm tired of analysis - well i guess you're tired of my analysis - so perhaps we'll do some cutting and sticking - you know we like to.
I found this specimen paper - you ought to take a look - it kind of has the questions you'll have to do in it. Take a look here

well that's me for now - the film owl will be back
keep watching

Tuesday, 24 February 2009